Use of ILSF Laboratories and Experts for PhD and Master Theses

ILSF invites all graduate students doing research in one of the following areas, to complete their research projects using ILSF laboratories and under the supervision of the ILSF experts:

  • Design and construction of RF solid-state amplifiers, and RF cavities
  • Design of electromagnets for the storage ring and booster of a synchrotron
  • Insertion Devices: Wigglers, Undulators
  • Beam Dynamics
  • Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV)
  • Linac and Preinjection
  • Cooling Systems
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture of Research Laboratories
  • Control and Beam Diagnostics
  • X-ray Detectors

The students will have access to ILSF laboratories and will be able to complete their projects under the supervision of ILSF technical staff. Interested students should send their CVs and a description of their projects along with a phone number for further contact to ILSF at ipm dot ir.

Iranian Light Source Facility Support for Synchrotron Users in Iran

To create and extend the capacity to apply synchrotron light in scientific research, ILSF intends to provide financial support for experienced or potential users.


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