David Attwood

David Attwood has been a Professor at UC Berkeley since 1989. His research interests center on the use of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation, soft x-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation. He and his students are also active in the use of novel Fourier optics, image contrast techniques, and the development and use of coherent sources at these short wavelengths. He was founding Director of the Center for X-Ray Optics (CXRO) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, , and was first Scientific Director (1985-1988) of the Advanced Light Source(ALS). He is author of Soft X-Rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation: Principles and Applications, (Cambridge University Press, 2000). His lectures are broadcast live over Internet and electronically archived, such as at YouTube, ast.coe.berkeley.edu/sxr2009 and ast.coe.berkeley.edu/srms.

Riccardo Bartolini

Riccardo Bartolini is Head of the Accelerator Physics Group at Diamond and University Research Lecturer at the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science at the University of Oxford.

He was staff at ENEA research centre in Frascati, Italy, working on Free Electron Lasers. In 2003 Riccardo moved to Diamond where he became Head of the Accelerator Physics Group in 2005. He led the AP effort during the commissioning of the Diamond booster and storage ring.
Since 2007 Riccardo holds a joint appointment with the John Adams Institute where he extended his research to applications of laser plasma wakefield accelerators and advanced beam diagnostics.
In November 2012 Riccardo was nominated "Diamond Research Fellow" in a Recognition of Research Excellence at the Diamond synchrotron.

He is currently chairing ILSF Machine Advisory Committee, MAC

Caterina Biscari

Caterina Biscari, born in Italy in 1957, holds an undergraduate degree in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid and has worked in a number of laboratories throughout her scientific career, particularly in Italy and at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
Before joining the ALBA synchrotron, she was the Director of Technology and Deputy Director of Science for the Frascati National Laboratory’s Accelerator Division at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics. She is also a member of the European Physical Society Executive Committee, where she has presided over the accelerator group, and has also participated in advisory boards for projects in a number of countries, including the Advisory Committee for the CERN accelerators and for the start-up of the National Center for Oncological Hadron Therapy in Pavia.

Dieter Einfeld

After receiving his doctorate from the Technical University of Berlin, Dieter Einfeld has had a varied and fruitful career dealing with various aspects of synchrotron science. He has served on many technical committees at various sychrotron radiation facilities around the world, including BESSY, ANKA, Maxlab, ELETTRA, ALS, SESAME, NSLSII, CLS. Most recently, he served as the Technical Director of ALBA sychrotron. Presently, he is involved in various projects in MAX-Lab, SOLARIS, and ESRF. As a technical adviser to ILSF, the Conceptual Design Report was written under his supervision and guidance during his visits to ILSF.

Peter Forck

Peter Forck is the deputy group leader of the beam diagnostics group at GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research at Darmstadt, Germany. He is an experienced member of European and international collaborations and member of the Program Committee of the international conference DIPAC. He is a lecturer at the Joint Universities Accelerator School JUAS and the CERN Accelerator School CAS. He is also heavily involved in the design of FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) and its related beam diagnostics.

Francis Pérez

Dr. Francis Pérez, who is one of the ALBA founders, is presently acting as Head of the Accelerator Division since August 2014. He has participated to the ALBA project since its beginning, with an active role in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the accelerator. He has always been one of the major collaborators of the former Accelerator Division Head, Dieter Einfeld.

Ernst Weihreter

Ernst Weihreter served on the staff of BESSY (Helmholtz Zentrum, Berlin, Germany) from 1978 until his retirement in 2011. In various capacities, he has worked on RF systems and design of cavities, development of septum magnets, kickers, modulators, and a superconducting storage ring (COSY). He has served on several Technical Advisory Committees for SR source projects, including the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center in Taiwan, the Pohang Light Source in Korea, the Thai Light Source in Thailand, the ASTRID ring in Denmark, the Shanghai Synchrotron Light Source and the Hefei Light Source in China, the SESAME project in the Middle East, the Central European Synchrotron Light Source project in the Czech Republic, the CANDLE project in Armenia, the free electron laser project at the Fritz Haber Institute in Germany, the NESTOR project in the Ukraine, and the Turkish Accelerator Center in Ankara.

Since 2007 he has collaborated with the NSLS II project at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He has lectured on accelerator physics and technology in several CERN accelerator schools and other summer schools. He visited IPM in August 2010, and gave several seminars.

Helmut Wiedemann

Helmut Wiedemann, an emeritus professor of Stanford University, has made prominent contributions to the development of theoretical and experimental accelerator physics, particle sources, linear accelerators, storage rings, and synchrotron radiation sources. He has especially worked on the development of high brightness light sources at short pulse durations. He has served as the director of many important synchrotron projects including 18 GeV PEP Storage Ring, SLAC, Stanford, and SPEAR Injector Synchrotron , SSRL. Helmut Wiedemann has taught two courses here at ILSF, for members of ILSF technical groups as well as students of experimental particle physics. He has overseen the work of ILSF technical groups and the conceptual design of ILSF.

Albin Wrülich

Albin Wrülich, an emeritus professor of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), has a long career in accelerator physics. He has worked in various facilities including DESY, Laurence Berkeley Laboratory, ESRF, ELETTRA, and the Swiss Light Source at Paul Scherrer Institute. He has served as project head at ELETTRA, PSI, and most recently he has been the head of the X-Ray Free Electron Laser Project (SwissFEL) at PSI. He is also a member of the Management Board of the MedAustron Hadron Therapy Facility and a collaborator with the IRUVX-PP FP7 Project at Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy). Albin has been a consultant to SESAME project and has been providing ILSF with valuable consultation since 2011.


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