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Summer Visitor

Invited by the ILSF director, Erhard Huttel, technical director of SESAME, will be visiting ILSF from 1 - 5 September 2015. He will be working on some engineering aspects of accelerator design such as Ultra-High Vacuum and Magnet design with ILSF technical staff.

The first meeting of ILSF's Machine advisory Committe will be held on 7-9 June at IPM.
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Andrew Harrison, the CEO of Diamond Light Source, and Trevor Rayment, the Director of Physical Sciences, visited IPM on 9th and 10th of February. During their visit a memorandum of understanding was signed between ILSF and Diamomd Light Source which paves the way for a comprehensive cooperation between the parties involved, in particular sharing the expertise, development of common specialized knowledge, training of personnel, and the design, construction, operation and development of beamlines and accelerator... Read more

ILSF's Conceptual
Design Report

The conceptual design report for the Iranian Light Source Facility was completed in October 2012. The report envisions the construction of a 3 GeV third generation light source with a current of 400 mA and storage ring circumference of about 300 m. With a natural emittance of 3.287 nm.rad, this synchrotron will indeed be a very bright source of synchrotron light that can serve up to 44 beamlines.

Scientific Director for ILSF

The Iranian Light Source Facility is looking for a Scientific Director

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